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David Chapman

David Chapman
Country Road
$229.00 CAD

-Photo wall mural of a beautiful country road in autumn. This wallpaper mural will bring dept and tranquility to your interior.  -Measures 13.5' (4,11m) wide by 5' (1,52m) high. -The wall mural is made of 9 strips of 18" (45cm) wide by 5' (1,52m) high. -Prepasted, washable, dry strippa..

Place Royale in Quebec City
$469.00 CAD

-Wall mural of the Place Royale. Place Royale is a place of Quebec (historic district of Old Quebec) which is considered the oldest French settlement in North America.  -Measures 21' (6,40m) wide by 8' (2,44m) high. -The wall mural is made of 14 strips of 18" (45cm) wide by 8' (2,44m..

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