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Deco Ideas for Your Home

12 Decorating Ideas!

12 Wall Decor Ideas for Your Home!

12 Themes for Your Home!

You want to decorate your home but you need some inspiration? Here are 12 wall murals ideas for your home. The advantage of including a mural in your decor is that it immediately becomes the centerpiece of your decor. Once you have selected and installed your mural, you have very little work to do to complement your decor: matching your colors with the mural’s color, find some accessories and you're done! You'll be surprised how the perspective in a room can become spectacular with a wallpaper mural. There is only one word to guide you…. DARE to be different! Try a wallpaper mural, use flamboyant colors, bold designs, a themed room...try something spectacular!

1-Your Bedroom: Make a Statement with a Spectacular Image behind your Head: Here are some suggestions: "Brooklyn Bridge at Night in Sepia" for a trendy look, the mural "Sunny Forest" for a calm and peaceful environment, the mural "Red Rose" for passion or "Large Roses" for a more traditional look. You can choose a large wall mural that will cover the full wall but you can also choose a small wall mural to create a "painting" effect. If you choose the "painting" effect, do not forget to install wall moldings around the mural. Feel free to visit our website, you will definitely find a perfect mural for your bedroom.

Wall murals "Brooklyn Bridge at Night in Sepia" and "Red Rose"


2- Your Office: a Decor to Suit Your Taste: You want to redecorate your office and give it the right atmosphere? Here are some suggestions: the mural "Signature Hole" for golf lovers, the mural "Old Map 1746" for a traditional decor, the mural "Montreal, One Morning in the Fall" for an urban look or the mural "Bamboo Forest" for calmness and serenity. Spoil yourself and remember our motto: DARE to be different! Feel free to browse our website to find a wallpaper mural to suit your taste…

Wall murals "Bamboo Forest" and "Signature Hole"


3-The Modern and Trendy Look: Urban murals are VERY trendy and VERY popular, especially images at night. They will certainly create a modern and youthful look in your home. Do you have a loft? The effect will be even more spectacular. Here are our wallpaper mural suggestions: the mural "The Brooklyn Bridge at Night" (available in color, black and white or sepia), the mural "Manhattan at Night" and the murals "Montreal at Night" and "Toronto at Night”. You can also visit our "Cityscape" section on our website.

Wall murals "Manhattan at Night" and "Montreal at Night"


4-A Black and White Mural for a Black and White Decor: A decor in black and white will bring design and elegance to your home. All of our wall murals on our website are also available in black and white for the same price, so you have plenty of choices. Here are some suggestions of absolutely gorgeous murals in black and white: the mural "White Forest", the mural "Birch Tree Forest", "Zebra Skin" and "Dandelion (Black and White)".

Wall Murals "White Forest" and "Dandelion (Black and White)"


5-Make your Room look Bigger with a Trompe L’oeil Mural: Images with perspective can make a small room look bigger. Here are our suggestions: "Bridge to the Forest", "Down the Garden Path" or "Garden in Western Cape, South Africa". You will be surprised of the result. You can also see our "Trompe L'oeil" section on our website; you will find several trompe l’oeil mural ideas.

Wall murals "Garden in Western Cape, South Africa" and "Down the Garden Path"


6-Textures for your Walls: Wallpaper murals of textures like wood, stone, concrete, leather, velvet or marble finishes are very trendy.... Take a look at our "Textures" section, you will find, among others, our wallpaper murals "Field Stone Wall", "Not Just Another Brick on the Wall", "Circles of Time" and "Barn Wall". Dare to try the textures!

Wall murals "Circles of Time" and "Not Just Another Brick on the Wall"


7-An Oriental Decor for a "Zen" Look: An oriental decor consists of warm colors and is inspired by scenes and landscapes of the Far East. We have a complete section of oriental themed wall murals but here are a few that you will probably love: the mural "Sagano Bamboo Forest, Kyoto, Japan", the mural "Japanese Garden", the mural "Land of the Rising Sun" and the mural "Temple Daigo-ji, Kyoto, Japan". Complete your decor by adding a few oriental accessories such as lanterns, statues, oriental styled cushions, bamboos or even a bonsai.

Wall murals "Sagano Bamboo Forest, Kyoto, Japan" and "Japanese Garden"


8-Abstract Wall for a Contemporary Decor: For a modern and contemporary style, our abstract murals are a must. Most of our abstract wallpaper murals are from original paintings by Canadian artists. Here are some suggestions: "Fogged Untamed World" from Pierrette Labonté, "Influence of Love" from Kapelier, "Triptych" and "The Ravine" from Ginette Malouin. Co-coordinating it with white enhances contemporary and modern designs. Try "bold" combinations: for example, white furniture with a colorful mural (see our example below) or the opposite, very colorful furniture on a white wall. Have a look at our "Abstract" section for a complete list of our abstract wall murals.

Wall murals "Fogged Untamed World" and "Triptych"


9-A Wall Mural in your Bathroom, Why Not?: Our wallpaper murals can be installed without a problem in humid areas like bathrooms. Even though all our murals are suitable for a bathroom, we suggest murals of relaxing and peaceful landscapes (wall murals of our "landscape" section). Here are our suggestions: the murals "Army of Pines", "Palm Trees in Oahu, Hawaii" and "Mountain Stream".

Wall murals "Army of Pines" and "Palm Trees in Oahu, Hawaii"


10-The Wonders of the World for Avid Travelers: Whether you are a traveler or a dreamer, live great adventures with our "Wonders of the World" wallpaper murals. Here are some of our favorites: the murals "Great Wall of China", the "Taj Mahal", the "Eiffel Tower" and "Grand Canyon". Have a look at our "Wonders of the World" section for a complete list of our murals. Travel through your walls...guaranteed!

Wall murals "Great Wall of China" and "Grand Canyon"


11-A Beach Paradise in the Comfort of your Home: We have several wall murals of beautiful beaches such as "Beach in Malaysia", "Palm Trees in the Maldives", "Caribbean beach" and "Koh Mak Beach in Thailand". Add curtains on both sides of your wall to create the effect of a window or balcony. Here is a photo of the bedroom of one of our customers Virginie Alary (Longueuil, Canada) with our mural "Beach in Malaysia".


12-Create a Warm Room with Nostalgic Style: You will certainly create an elegant, warm and inviting room with our "old fashioned charm" wallpaper murals. Here are some suggestions: the mural "Hieroglyphe", the mural "Old Map 1746", the mural "Tall Ship" and the mural "Poppies".

Wall murals "Hieroglyphe" and "Old Map 1746" © 2019
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