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If we look at the technical side, there are several differences between traditional wallpaper and wallpaper murals. Decorators, designers and home design specialists use very often wallpaper murals because they know how they can create a “wow” effect in a room. What interests me particularly is the "exclusive" and "personal" nature of wall murals...

(Melanie Doyon and her family with our "World Map" mural to plan their trip around the world) 
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Builders, decorators and interior designers should all know this product. The BIN (Zinsser) is a sealer for your walls. What are its advantages and why use it?
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Clarisse Camborde specializes in interior design, specifically in Home Staging. Here, she gives us tips and reveals the best places to recreate a beautiful "Nature" bedroom. 

Inspiration "Nature" Bedroom:

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Here is a small article about the history of wallpaper and wallpaper murals. You will also find 3 short videos that will show you how wallpaper was printed in 1963 and 1968 and how wallpaper and wallpaper murals are printed today in 2016 with a laser printer.
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Professionals and companies in interior design are always looking for new ideas and new decor trends for their clients. Here is a new unique and original trend in wallpaper: a mural in your staircase!
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