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You may have noticed that wallpaper and wall murals have been very popular for a few years. You may also have noticed that the trend is to white color right now. If you open a page of an interior decoration magazine you will surely fall on a monochrome white decor. It's the trend…white everywhere. If you decide to follow the trends for your walls, here are our white featured wall murals…
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Custom wall murals are becoming more and more popular. We receive questions about this every day. Is it possible to print a custom wallpaper mural from your own photos? Any photo? Here is a little more information about this…

***Thank you to Linda Morin for the nice photo of her wall mural
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The answer to this question is quite simple: Yes. Obviously, everything depends on the mural (material) and where you want to install this wall mural in your bathroom...
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If we look at the technical side, there are several differences between traditional wallpaper and wallpaper murals. Decorators, designers and home design specialists use very often wallpaper murals because they know how they can create a “wow” effect in a room. What interests me particularly is the "exclusive" and "personal" nature of wall murals...

(Melanie Doyon and her family with our "World Map" mural to plan their trip around the world) 
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Builders, decorators and interior designers should all know this product. The BIN (Zinsser) is a sealer for your walls. What are its advantages and why use it?
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