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Events & Publications 2016 at the "Manon, sauve mon sous-sol" TV Show on Canal Vie with Manon Leblanc (November 3rd)



​​ at the International Tourism and Travel Show in Montreal (Oct 20-21-22) at the "Party VIP" TV Show on Canal Vie with Marie-Christine Lavoie (September 26)


​​ at the SIDIM (International Design Show) in Montreal (May 5-7) at the Parents and Kids Fair in Montreal (April 7-10) at the Ottawa Home and Garden Show 2016 (March 23-26) at the National Home Show in Montreal (March 4-13) in the newspaper "Le Journal de Montréal" (March 5th) at the "Marina Orsini TV Show" at Radio Canada (February 29) at the "Expo Habitat Quebec" in Quebec (February 17-21) at the Interior Design Show 2016 in Toronto (January 21-24) © 2019
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