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Mural Hanging Instructions in Videos:

Part 1:

Part 2:

-Our murals are really easy to install, even for someone who has never hung wallpaper before (approximately 2 hours to install a mural).

-We offer mural installation service in the Greater Montreal area. If you want to use this service and pay up front, just click on "Installation" at the bottom of the red Category box on the left of the screen and add the Installation code to your shopping cart. If you live outside of this region, we can try to refer you to a competent wallpaper hanger. Do not hesitate to contact us.


Wall Preparation:

Surfaces should be clean and smooth. For the best surface, apply one coat of primer-sealer B-I-N from Zinsser, available in all good hardware stores(only takes 1 hour to dry).Oil base primer is also very good but let it dry 48 hours before hanging the mural. A latex painted surface is acceptable (if applied for over one month) but you will probably not be able to remove it dry and reuse it. Our murals will stick well when hung directly over glass or mirror. You can also hang on melamine, ceramic or pre-finished panels providing you put 2 coats of oil base primer or one coat of primer-sealer B-I-N. Tools required: scissors-level-sponge smoother (not a plastic smoother)-water tray-exacto knife-straight edge.

  1. Measure the length of your wall and compare it to the length of your mural. Each panel is 18’’ (45cm) wide. For instance if the mural is 10’’(26cm) larger than the wall, you may decide to trim 5’’(13cm) from the first panel and 5’’(13cm) from the last panel. In this case, draw a light vertical line with a pencil at 13’’ (33cm) (18’’-5’’) from the left of the wall using a level. If the mural is shorter than the wall say by 10’’ (26cm), then 5’’ (13cm) should be left on the left and on the right of the wall. Draw a vertical line at 23’’ (58cm) (18’’+5’’) from the left of the wall.  You may want to frame your mural with a wood molding around the edges for a better finish.
  2. Subtract the height to cover from the height of the mural. For instance, if you have an excess of 4’’ (10cm), leave 2’’ (5cm) extra at the top and 2’’ (5cm) at the bottom for trimming. If the excess is larger, you may wish to cut more at the top or at the bottom but make sure you leave a minimum of 1’’ (25mm) in case the floor or ceiling is not perfectly level. If the height of the mural is less than the height to cover, cut the white part at each end before hanging the strip.
  3. Your mural has been rolled with each panel numbered sequentially. You can hang the mural from left to right or right to left. For instance, as you walk in a room, if you install the mural of the left wall, you should hang from right to left. For the right wall, you should hang from left to right. Seams will be less visible that way.
  4. Fill the water tray with clean lukewarm water and place it against the wall. Roll the first panel starting at the bottom with the print inside (back of the paper outside). Submerge in water tray for 15 seconds. Then, very slowly, pull the panel out of water, making sure the backing is completely wet and hang the right side against the vertical line you drew earlier. Use your hands to position your mural starting from the center towards the sides and to lay down the edges.
  5. Gently smooth outwards from the center of the panels to the sides, removing air bubbles. Avoid overworking the edges and stretching the paper. If new air bubbles develop after smoothing them out, do not worry, they will disappear after a few hours. Trim top and bottom as required with an exacto knife, changing blades frequently to avoid tearing the paper. Use a straight edge, like a metal cutting guide or a ruler as a guide. At the top, cut with the knife over the guide. At the bottom, cut with the knife under the guide. Use the corner of the wall and the metal cutting blade as a guide to cut the excess on the adjacent wall.
  6. Repeat this procedure for remaining panels.IMPORTANT: The panels are designed to be overlapped by 1/4” (6mm)(the last 1/4” (6mm) on the right of each panel is identical to the first 1/4” (6mm) on the left of the next panel). Match the design at eyes level first, then do the top and the bottom. For the first 2 minutes, you can move the whole strip with your 2 hands flat on the strip. Then do not hesitate to remove the panel and reposition it if you have difficulty finding the match. After hanging a panel, come back to the previous one and using a clean damp cloth, run it gently over the seams to remove excess paste. After hanging each strip, make sure your strip is level.
  7. For murals that have dark sections, we have included a charcoal stick that will mask the white line on the dark seams. If you hang the mural from left to right, rub gently the left edge with the stick (on dark areas only) before soaking the strip in the water. Do the right side if you hang from right to left.
 If you have any additional questions concerning the installation of your mural, please contact us © 2020
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