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-Marie-Christine Lavoie's official website:
-Manon Leblanc's official website:
-Marina Orsini (TV Show): www.
-SIDIM: The Montreal International Design Show:
-National Home Show (Toronto):
-National Home Show (Montreal):
-Parents and Kids Fair (Montreal):
-Expo Habitat Quebec:
-Home and Garden Show (Ottawa):
-Interior Design Show (Toronto):
-International Tourism and Travel Show (Montreal):
-Fall Home Show (Toronto):
-Couture Jardin (Couture International):
-EQ3 (furniture):
-Canal Vie:
-TV Show "Design V.I.P.":
-TV Show "Des Idées de Grandeur":
-TV Show "Bye Bye Maison":
-TV Show "Les Rois de la Roulotte":
-TV Show "Ma Maison...Signée Manon Leblanc":
-TV Show "Le Mariage des Meubles":
-Joel Reeds (Open-Cart):
-Melan: Marketing Print Products and Services:
-Clarisse Camborde, Unik Home Staging:
-Nancy Cartier, Home Staging & Relooking:

-Matte & Glossy (Tips on Decoration):
-Debbie Travis:
-IDC Buyers Guide:
-ASID Interior Design Product Finder: (Directory of online retailers in Canada):
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