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Dry Strippable and Reusable...Really?

Our prepasted wallpaper murals are dry strippable and reusable. 
Here is how it works:

1) If you apply one coat of B-I-N (shellac sealer sold everywhere), your mural is ready to install in one hour. When you want to remove it, 5, 8 or 15 years from now, pull the strips from the bottom up (no water, no steamer) and you will be able to reinstall it without any additional paste.
2) If you apply one coat of oil base primer, you can install your mural 72 hours later and get the same benefits as in section 1.
3) If you install your mural on a wall painted with latex paint for more than 2 months, you will not have any problem installing it. When time comes to remove it, try to pull each strip from the bottom up but if you feel too much resistance, apply hot water over the whole mural, wait 7 to 8 minutes and try again. The strips should come off without any damage. You can reinstall the mural again but there will no paste left on the back of the strips. You will have to apply a clear wallpaper adhesive on the wall first, and install each strip as usual (soak in water).
4) Never install a mural or any wallpaper over a latex primer, particularly when it is freshly done. You will not get any slip and it will make the installation more difficult. The removal will also be very difficult. 
5) You should know that fast drying wallpaper primer (or size) are nothing else then diluted glue. They will make installation easier (more slip) but the removal will be difficult. 

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