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What you should know about the different qualities of mural available on the market

We are frequently being asked why prices of murals vary so much from one website to another. Prices can range between $100 to $800. There are presently 4 different ways to print a mural. Here is a brief description of each technique and how to recognize the type of mural. For comparison purposes, we will use a popular size of 12’ (3,66m) wide by 8’ (2,44m) high. Muralunique products are explained in section B.

A. Murals on unpasted sheets (between $100 and $200) 

-The mural is made of 8 thin sheets of 24’’ (61cm) wide by 48’’ (1,22m) high. Sheets 1 and 2 are superposed, then 3 and 4 and so on.
-The sheets are produced separately during the printing process, therefore, the color match between sheets is not guaranteed. Some manufacturers even specify this in their instructions.
-The sheets are very thin and it will stretch and crease easily when you will apply the glue. It will make the pattern match very difficult. The fact that you need to do a vertical and a horizontal match at the same time also adds to the difficulty.
-The product is not prepasted
-It will be very difficult to remove
-Make sure the website you are visiting has an installation video. If it does not, ask yourself why.

B. Prepasted wallpaper murals  ($289. This is what we do at

-The mural is made of 8 strips of 18’’ (45cm) wide by 8’ (2,44m) high. The last ¼’’ (6mm) of each strip is identical to the first ¼’’ (6mm) of the following strip. The seams are overlapped and they will not open when they dry. It makes the seams virtually invisible. It also makes the installation much easier to do it yourself.
-All 8 strips are printed in the same run on one roll. Each second strip is reversed during printing to prevent any shading.
-A quick soak in water reactivates the paste and for about 3 minutes, you will be able to move the strip left and right, up and down for an easy match of the pattern.
-The substrate is a blend of paper and synthetic fiber providing a strong and washable product without any PVC (vinyl).
-The mural is dry strippable and reusable. You can consult our section “Dry Strippable and Reusable…Really?” on our website to have more details.
-Clear detailed instructions are provided with the mural.
-An installation video in 2 parts is available on the website. Click here to see the videos.

C. Self-adhesive vinyl mural (between $400 and $600). WE DON'T RECOMMAND THIS PRODUCT***

***If you keep the mural on the wall for more tan 2 years, it is no longer removable without damaging the gypsum. The wall will have to be redone unless you know a very good plasterer. If the manufacturer pretends that his product will not damage your wall, insist that he puts it in writing.
-The mural is made of 3 strips of 48’’ (1,22m) wide by 8’ (2,44m) high. You have to peel off a backing sheet first. The first strip is easy to install. The difficulty comes when trying to match the following strips. There is no slip at all which means you can only adjust the strip by removing and reinstalling it. You will have to accept the fact that there will be a ¼’’ gap on the match. So if you have a match at the top, it may not match at the bottom.
-Expect bubbles that will be hard to remove because vinyl does not breathe.
-Colors will tarnish after 3 years. 
-It is recommended to hire a professional installer.
-Make sure the website you are visiting has an installation video available if you want to do it yourself.

D. Heavy vinyl mural (approximately $800)

- The mural is made of 3 strips of 48’ (1,22m) wide by 8’ (2,44m) high.
-The mural is printed on a high quality heavy PVC vinyl.
- It is recommended to hire a professional installer.
-The product is not prepasted.
-The mural is easy to remove. © 2019
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