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PICTURES OF MURALS sent by our clients

Concrete Wall Art. Thanks to Kim Husereau for the nice picture!

Coniferous Trees in the Fog. Thanks to Elisabeth Comeau for the nice picture!!!

Brown Marble wallpaper mural. Thanks to Alain Johnson and Sylvain Letendre for the nice picture!!!


Birch Tree Forest...What a beautiful picture! Thanks to Decoration & Cie!

High Definition Stone Wall, thanks to Kim Interior Concepts for the nice pictures!!!

Our wallpaper mural "Peeling Paint Brick Wall", thank you to Yanka Julian for the nice picture!

Our "Dahlia Flowers in Black and White" wall mural, thanks to Nicole Séguin from Montreal for the nice picture!

Muralunique and the art of monochrome....Beautiful!!!

Our mural "Coniferous Trees in the Fog", Maisons Bonneville

Our Old Map 1746. Thanks to Sleepy Panda Homes in Boston for the nice picture!

Erawan Waterfalls in Thailand at the CHSLD Soeurs Bon Pasteur in Chicoutimi

Sinfonia Della Foresta in sepia. Thanks to Johanne Ouzilleau for the nice picture!

Beautiful realization of @by_kim_interior_concepts with our « Centenary Tree Trunk » 

Our Wheat Field mural, in demonstration for a presentation of Club Piscine

Construction Site in little Fred's bedroom!!!

Beautiful!!! Thanks to Kalee Ryan for the nice picture!!!

Get the Wow effect....with Muralunique! Thanks to Concept ED et Ébénisterie LG Martel

Our "Sunny Forest on a Spring Day" in Luigi's home...our favorite radio host

Custom wall murals, Espace Thomas

Custom mural, St-Urbain CLSC

Our Paper Flowers mural. A project of "By Kim Interior Concepts"

Our Rainbow Cubes mural. A project of Design & Croquis

Our Picasso mural...Thanks to Simpson Properties for the nice picture! 

New Realization with our Dahlia Flowers in black and White

A project of Jackie Glass with our Castle Stone mural, Jackie Glass Inc

Custom Mural from a painting, Chanelle Turgeon Gervais

Paper Flowers, Émilie Proteau

Montreal at Night, Serge St-Cyr

Custom Mural, Andréanne Barré

Our mural "Rainbow Cubes", Roger Bélanger, Déco Remax, Canac

Our mural "Moraine Lake, Alberta", Suzanne Lavoie

Our mural "Grey Tree Bark", Mireille Sansoucy and Jacques Dorais from Quebec

Our marble mural "Soapstone", Hélène Parent, Innöv-Design d'Intérieur

Our wall mural Comune of Lipari, Sicilia, Italy, Cathy Stephenson

Our "Old Brick Wall (Black and White Lighter Version)" mural, Carole Royer

Our "Concrete Wall (HD)" mural, Robert Pelletier, St-Hubert

Our "Jungle" wall mural, Isabelle Laroche

Our mural "Sagano Bamboo Forest, Kyoto, Japan", Donna

Our wall murals "Infinite Birch Forest" and " Wooden Foot Bridge in a Japanese Garden", Rhonda Piccott from Tea, Earth & Sky (St Jacobs village, ON)

Our mural "Door to the Garden", Lucie Corriveau

Our mural "Titanic in Dry Dock", Gilles Courtemanche

Let's Get Musical and Funny Farm wall murals, Martine Cromp

Our Bamboo Forest wall mural, Pat G. from Vancouver

Our wallpaper murals Manhattan at Night, Street Art and Fractal Rose, Projects of Manon Desmarais, Interior Designer

Our wallpaper mural Morning Fog, Project of Isabelle Rainville, Interior Designer (

Our wall murals Bird's Paradise, Fishies and Jungle, My Favorite Dentist!!! (Whitby, Ontario)

Fir Forest Wall MuralChris Gibson

Birch Tree Forest (black and white), Katherine Guy

Sunbeams wall mural, Roxanne de Léséleuc

Candy Street, My City Dental in Vaughan, Ontario

Infinite Birch Forest, Dental Clinic "Le Dentiste", Chateauguay

Our White Forest wall mural, Lucie Roy (Interior Designer, Pelletier Déco Surfaces)


"Sinfonia della Foresta" wall mural, Caroline Rioux

"Shell Fossil" wall mural, Nathalie from Intérieurs Griffés, Repentigny

"Peeling Paint Brick Wall" mural, Johanne Duguay

"Brooklyn Bridge at Night" wall mural, Sonia Lapointe

"Sunny Forest" wall mural, Voyons Voir Longueuil (Caroline Lussier)

"Sunbeams" wall mural, Johanne Babin

"Circles of Time" wall mural, Johanne Babin

"Concrete Planks" wall mural, Johanne Babin

"Riveted Metal" wall mural, Roger and Claire Racine, Quebec (Canada)

"Riveted Metal (Copper)" wall mural, Alexandre, Mexico

"Turquoise Rustic Wood Planks" wall mural, Mia, Mexico

"Shadows and Lights" wall mural, Bob Lannoy


​​​"Sinfonia Della Foresta" wall mural, Rolande Couture

"Jungle" wall mural, Damien and Nathalie

"Play of Lights" wall mural, Véronique Kairava Bilodeau

"​Wine Cellar in Tuscany" wall mural, Kim Aube-Larocque

"​Paris Subway" wall mural, kitchen transformation before and after

Sunbeams Mural, Joëlle Boutry, Laval

Old Forest (Sepia) Mural, Josée Alarie

Antique Wood Mural, Sylvie Demers (for Émilie Messier)

Great Buddha of Kamakura, Japan, Jacques Dumas (Source et Sens), Laval

Smokey Dragon Mural, Monia Marcoux​, Ste-Marie (Quebec)

Stone Wall Mural, Nancy Coulombe (Repentigny, Quebec)

Frozen Birches Wall Mural, France Racicot (L'Assomption, Quebec)

Song of the Forest Wallpaper Mural, Mario Cantin and Guylaine Grenier from Quebec

"Waterfalls, High Park, Toronto, Canada" Mural, Carole and Réginald Ratle from Saint-Sauveur, Quebec

"Pergola" Mural,  Julie Lafera (Dorval), Quebec

"Serenity" Mural,  Maryse Charbonneau (Sainte-Brigide), Quebec

"Sinfonia Della Foresta" wall mural, Anne Mimeault (Blainville)

Village of Menton in Provence (France) wall mural, Lise Simoneau

"Manhattan at Night" Mural, Sia Polos, Brossard, Quebec (Canada)

"Riveted Metal" Mural, Johane Poliquin from Poliquin Décor

Nice booth of Entre 4 Murs and Espace 313...Yes, it's a wall mural!

"Birch Tree Forest (Black and White)", Marie-Claude Lacroix and Alain Cyr, Sherbrooke, Québec (Canada)

​"Wall of Pink Wood Planks", Émilie Croteau, Saint-Henri-De-Levis, Québec (Canada)

"Red Forest" Mural, Auberge du Lac St-Pierre, Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada


​​"Song of the Forest" Mural, David Laurin, Mirabel, Quebec, Canada​​

"Lac Moraine, Alberta" Mural, Nathalie Cadotte, Laval, Quebec, Canada

"Concrete Wall HD" Mural, Caroline Doyon, Shawinigan, Quebec, Canada

"Concrete Planks" Wall Mural, Jean-François Brault, Repentigny, Quebec, Canada

"Concrete Wall" Mural, Pierre Langelier, Longueuil, Quebec, Canada

Wallpaper murals "White Forest" and "Locker Room", Mélanie Marois, Roxton Pond, Quebec, Canada

Wall mural "Mia's World", Karine Falanga (Lylou's bedroom), Sigean, France

Wall mural "Ok Do K", Maryse Cusson (Flavie's bedroom), Terrebonne, Quebec

Wallpaper murals "Something Concrete" and "Concrete Planks", Alexandre, Merida, Mexico

Wall mural "Dandelion", Carine Samson, Quebec, Canada

Wall mural "World Map", Mélanie Doyon and Benoît Clément, Ontario, Canada

Wall mural "Medieval Great Hall", Mireille Roch, Val Morin, Quebec

Honeymoon Custom Mural, Linda Morin, Laval, Quebec

Wallpaper mural "Soccer Balls", Amanda Dewey-Plante, Sherbrooke, Quebec

Our wall mural "World Map" in black and white, Room Setting from Matte & Glossy

Our wall mural "Autumn is Here", Ginette Cousineau and Jean-Pierre Miron, Valleyfield, Qc

Our wall mural "Rainforest", Natalie Lambert and Carl Baribeau, Quebec City

Mural "Concrete Wall HD", Nathalie Gravel, Quebec City

Wall mural "Castle Stones", Cindy Slee, Ontario (Canada)

Wall mural "Dandelion", Clarisse Camborde, Unik Home Staging

Murals "Autumn Leaves Reflected in a Stream" and "English Country", Project of Sondra Abbott (Sondra Abbott, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Mural "Something Concrete", Project of Annie Robichaud (DMajuscule), La Prairie, Quebec

Mural "Rainforest", Mostyn and Marilyn Bowler, Tauranga, New-Zealand

Mural "Concrete Wall", Shelley and Mark Evans, Queensland, Australia

Mural "Old Concrete Wall", Nathalie Desbiens

Mural "Bamboo Forest", Steve Joncas, Québec

Mural "Play of Lights", Caroline and Cindy Slee, Ontario

Mural "White Forest", Sophie Gagnon, Montreal

Our mural "Castle Stones" before/after, Johanne and Sylvain, Saguenay (La Baie), Quebec

Our Mural "Rainbow Cubes", Jon Connor from Internet Access Solutions and Toronto police’s 23 Division Somali Liaison Unit work together to create Big Blue Door games room for Kingsview Village kids

Mural "Concrete Planks", MacKenzie & Marr Guitars,

Wall mural "Color of Dawn", a project of Véronique Bousquet, interior designer,

Wall murals "Erawan Waterfalls, Thailand" and "Flower Street", Sylvain Gingras, Laval, Québec

Wall mural "Sinfonia Della Foresta", Guylaine Masse, Repentigny, Québec

Mural "Canadian Shield Rock Face", Kurt Whittaker, Toronto, Ontario

Our mural "Large Stone Wall", Espace Ambiance (Salon Expo Habitation, Montreal 2015)

2 Custom Wall Murals​, Expo FIHOQ 2015, Montreal, Quebec

Wall Mural "Old Brick Wall in Black and White", Cindy Kitching, Oakville, Ontario

Wall Mural "Path of Light", François Perras, Beloeil

Wall Mural "Hoorah", Sophie Gagnon, Montreal

Murals "Manhattan at Night" and "Locker Room", Lyne Dubé, Granby

Our mural "Autumn is Here", Stephan Beauregard, Saint-Boniface​

Our wall mural "Text Face", TV Show "3 Filles Célibataires", Vrak TV

"Wheat Field (Black and White)", a beautiful project from Marie-Josée Berthiaume, MJB Design (514-501-2333)

"Sinfonia Della Foresta", a beautiful project from Nancy Cartier, certified professional in home staging and makeover

Our mural "Sinfonia Della Foresta", Dorothy Bélanger, La Tuque, Quebec, Canada

Wall murals "Rainbow Cubes" and "Old Brick Wall (Black and White)", Model Home, Terra View Homes, Guelph, Ontario

Mural "Montreal at Night", Marie-Céline Picard, Richelieu

Wall mural "Manhattan at Night", Brigitte Giguère, Laval, Quebec

Custom Made Mural, Avalon Interiors, Ontario

Wall mural "Shadows and Lights", Hauser Show Room, Mississauga, Ontario

Wall mural "Fractal Rose", Emard Bros Lumber K&B Show Room, Cornwall, Ontario

Wall mural "White Forest", Clarisse Camborde, Unik Home Staging

Wall mural "Play of Lights", Bob Nowakowski, Calgary, Alberta

Wall mural "Street Art", L. Laporte, Montréal, Québec

Wall mural "Path in a Birch Tree Forest", Home and Design Expo Center, Consumers Road, Toronto, Ontario


Our wall murals "Something Concrete" and "Brooklyn Bridge at Night", Simon Gagné, Chicoutimi, Quebec

Our wall mural "Manhattan at Night", Zili Home Interiors, Woodbridge, Ontario

Our wall murals "Hockey Fans" and "Something Concrete", Hockey Fan Cave, Jackie Morra, Jackie Morra Interiors, Ottawa, Ontario

Our wall murals "Concrete Planks", Barn Wall (Black and White) and "Not Just Another Brick on the Wall (Black and White)", Decorium Showroom, Supertest Road, Toronto, Ontario


Our wall mural "Morning Fog", Clarisse Camborde, Unik Home Staging

Our wall mural "Mountain Stream", Nicole Lavoie, Carignan, Quebec

Our wall mural "Black-Eyed Susan", Shopping Center Léger, Montreal, Quebec

Our wall mural "Barn Wall", Jacques Nadeau at CGTA Show, Toronto, Ontario 

Our wall mural "Phone Booth", Richard Vissandjee, Ile des Soeurs (Montreal), Quebec

Project : CONFERENCE ROOM, Dutrisac, Ricard, Yelle, Inc. Chartered Professional Accountants, Laval, Quebec
Manon Desmarais from "Vivre en couleurs" used the Canadian Shield wall mural for the two walls of custom drawers in the conference room.

Custom Made Mural, Markham Hospital, Toronto, Ontario

Wall mural "Horizontal Barn Wall (Black and White)", Sam Kanner, Toronto, Ontario

Wall mural "Birch Tree Forest (Black and White)", Tommy Hilfiger's offices, Montreal, Quebec

Our wall mural "Redwood National Park, California", Montecito Restaurant, Adelaide St, Toronto

Wall mural "Rainbow Cubes", mirror idea from designer Carol Southey (Carol Southey Home) for Traffix, Milton, Ontario

Our wall murals "Barn Wall" and "City Landscape at Night", DecorRest Furniture, Woodbridge, Ontario

Our wall murals "Sagano Bamboo Forest, Kyoto, Japan", "Serenity", "Enchantment", "Birch Tree Forest", "Autumn is Here", "Sunbeams" and "Mountain Stream", Dr Gillis, Kingston, Ontario

Wall murals for the new play "Odd Couple", Dewdney Players Group Theatre, Okotoks, Alberta

Wall mural "Autumn is Here", Bucin International, Toronto, Ontario

Wall mural "Fractal Rose", Appleton Clinic, North York, Ontario

Wall mural "White Forest", Kevin McPherson, Richmond Hill, Ontario

Wall mural "Rainbow Cubes", Johanne Montpetit, Bedford, Québec


Wall murals "Gum Tree, Australia" and "Boreal Forest in Yukon Territory, Canada", Katalin Town, Australia

Wall mural "White Forest", Brigitte Favreau, Terrebonne, Québec

Wall murals "Autumn Colors" and "Shadows and Lights", Andrew's Cloting Store, Summer 2013, Toronto, Ontario


Custom Murals, Enersource, Mississauga, Ontario


Wall mural "Garden in Western Cape, South Africa", Rusta du Plooy, Australia


Wall mural "Shadows and Lights" at the St Francis of Assisi Church, Kitchener, Ontario


Wall murals "Shadows and Lights" and "Mountain Stream", Community Network TV, Ottawa, Ontario.


Wall murals "Service Station", "Bakery" and "Sunday at the Park", a project of Johanne Pépin for the Fabreville's Church, Québec


Wall murals "Garden in Western Cape, South Africa", "Play of Lights" and a Custom Mural (coffee), Boss Leather, Bolton, Ontario


Wall mural "Serenity" before and after, Diane Healy, Diane Hill Interiors, Newmarket, Ontario


Wall mural "Beach in Malaysia", Virginie Alary, Longueuil, Canada


Wall mural "Tranquility", Back Nine Golf Inc, Mississauga, Ontario


Mural "Big Wheels" and Mural "Mia's World", Merida, Yucatan, Mexico


Wall mural "Large Roses", Ginette Cousineau, Valleyfield, Quebec, Canada


Mural "Fogged Untamed World", Pierrette Labonté, Quebec, Canada


Mural "Triptych", Marie Lambert, Quebec, Canada


Wall murals "Story Time", "Bamboo Forest, Kyoto, Japan", "My Tree House" and "Secret Garden"

Woodstock Hospital in Ontario


Murals "Old Macdonald has a farm", "Candy Street", "Children's Tree" and "Bird's Tree"

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