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How does it work?

How to measure your walls?

It’s easy to take your measurements with! We suggest you use a good metal tape measure. Take the same measurement twice instead of once to make sure the measurement is accurate for your future mural.

For the width

We recommend taking a first measurement on the ground above the baseboard and the other at the center of the wall to validate the acuity of the measurement. Then keep only the widest measure of both, without adding any surplus.

For the height

Take the ” net ” measurement of your wall (without baseboards or decorative moldings). Again, take a first measurement in the center of the wall and the other on one corner of the wall to validate the acuity of the measurement. Then keep only the highest measure of both. In this case, we must add a surplus; to find out how much to add, refer to the following chart: (we must add a surplus, because most floors or ceilings are not perfectly leveled).

Small murals – about 6 feet (1.83m) wide: You will need an extra 2 inches (5cm) surplus in height. Therefore, 1’’ (2.5cm) surplus for the top and 1’’ (2.5cm) surplus for the bottom.

Medium murals – about 12 feet (3.66m) wide: You will need an extra 3 inches (8cm) surplus in height. Therefore, 1.5’’ (4cm) surplus for the top and 1.5’’ (4cm) surplus for the bottom.

Large murals – about 18 feet (5.50m) wide or more: You will need an extra 4 inches (10cm) surplus in height. Therefore, 2‘’ (5cm) surplus for the top and 2’’ (5cm) surplus for the bottom.

To choose a wall mural in inventory from, always select your mural choice a size above your required dimension. For example, if your wall is 11 feet 6 inches wide, you should select one of our murals that are just a little larger than the measurement you need; in this example, 12 feet wide. It is normal to cut the excess of a mural to adjust it to its wall. 

*** Important Tip***

Our paper content is 15% Polyester and 85% Natural Wood Pulp. When you soak the paper in water at installation, you will be rehydrating the wood pulp and each strip will be expanding by 3/8″ (6mm) in width only (not in height). 

How to calculate the expansion that your mural will take? Important if you want to center your mural or if you want to be sure to cover the full width of your wall

Each panel expands 3/8 inch or 6 mm when soaked in water and installed. To do a simple calculation, multiply 0.02 to the mural dimension in inches.

For example, if your mural has a dimension of 10.5 feet x 8 feet (so 126 inches wide), it will take 2.52 inches of expansion (126 inches x 0.02).

Another example, if your mural has a dimension of 15 feet x 9 feet (so 180 inches wide), it will expand 3.6 inches (180 inches x 0.02). 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any additional questions. 


What is the difference between a mural "in stock" and a "custom made" mural ?

The wall murals that you find on our website are all available in stock. If you like a particular image but none of the available dimensions are close to the dimensions of your wall, you can click on the “Create a custom mural with your dimensions” option in the product page (written in red).



After you have chosen your image, you can easily upload and crop your image, get a price and place your order in our Custom Murals section.

We only accept images that are over 25 dpi but recommend images that are over 40 dpi. For example, if your image is 5000 pixels wide and your wall is 12 feet wide (144 inches or 3.66m), you have 5000 pixels/144 inches = 34 dpi (divide pixels by inches). For a 12′ wide by 8′ high mural (3.66mx2.44m), 6000 pixels by 4000 pixels would be better.

Prior to printing your mural, our graphic designers will evaluate the quality of the images for all our custom mural orders and we will contact you if the quality seems insufficient.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Removing and Reinstalling a Mural from


If you have installed your mural on an oil base painted surface, or on a wall with a water-based sealant such as ‘’B.I.N’’: your mural will be dry removable. You should start by removing the wallpaper strips in the reversed sequence that you have installed them since the joints have been overlapped.

Starting at the bottom lowest end corner of the last strip from your mural, use both hands to gently pull away the bottom of the strip from the wall. Afterwards, carefully pull the strip upward by doing a wiggle movement from left to right using your both hands to remove the strip from the wall in a diagonal fashion. Your hands should always be at a lower level than the pulling point where the strip is being removed from the wall.

Finally, align all strips onto the floor and identify the sequence by numbering them and roll them from the bottom-up insuring that the print is on the inside of the roll, prior being able to reinstall them elsewhere.

Muralunique mural removal

If your mural has been installed on a latex base surface:
the strips should be dry removable using the same method as an oil base surface. If you feel a strong resistance or the paint starts peeling off, stop immediately. There is a high probability you will be tearing the mural.

You will need the following tools:
1/ A paint roller with longer pile (if possible) and a clean paint tray.
2/ Old towels to absorb the excess water (lay them against to the wall boarders).
3/ Hot water.

Generously wet the surface of the mural using a paint roller soaked in hot water; start from the bottom up using the same pressure as if you were painting the wall. Wait for 10 minutes before attempting to remove the strips. If there is still resistance, soak the mural once more with the paint roller and wait an additionnel 5 minutes. This time it should work.

You will have to spread the strips separately on the ground to allow them for drying prior being able to number and roll them from the bottom-up insuring that the print is on the inside of the roll, prior being able to reinstall them elsewhere.


You will need to purchase wallpaper glue at your local hardware store (the glue must be transparent and not too strong). Apply the glue onto the wall surface using a paint roller; do not cover too large of a surface with the glue at a time (only about three feet wide). Otherwise the glue will dry on the wall before you will be able to hang your wallpaper strips again.

You will have to soak each strip (one at the time) in lukewarm water to provide flexibility back to the paper prior being able to reinstall them onto the wall again.

When reinstalling, as you are matching the pattern, you will need to raise the joints and apply additional glue with a small paint brush under the edges. Then, smoothen the edges in place with a damp cloth to remove any excess of glue.

*Decorating tip:  In the event that your mural had holes created for electrical outlets, your best option is to hide the holes by using false electrical plate covers.

For any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

Why choose Muralunique?

Originating from the boreal forests of northern Europe and sourced from eco-responsible culture, our paper is of the highest quality. It consists of a combination of the finest wood pulp, blended with polyester fibers to increase its strength. Without any plastic material (vinyl), this unique product is pre-pasted with a water-based and odorless glue. These features make it an eco-friendly and biodegradable product.

In addition, the composition and finish of this paper absorbs and releases moisture, making it resistant to mildew and bacteria. Therefore, it is perfect for an installation in high humidity areas.

The tests also revealed fire resistance, which made it possible to obtain “grade A” against flammability.

Printed directly from our own factory located in Montreal, we only use UV resistant gel ink (unlike liquid inks). These are much more durable and prevent fading in the long run.

This is one of our greatest strengths; working exclusively with several renowned photographers, we use photos up to 1,500 megapixels (unlike most of our competitors who usually use between 25 and 35 megapixels). The realism of our images is quite incredible, making Muralunique the darling of several TV channels and designers.

We are the only company in North America to maintain an inventory of all our models offered on our website. This gives us better control and allows us to offer a high standard of image quality.

In addition, we are able to ship your order the same day.

It is possible to create your own wallpaper mural using your photos or company logos. Our graphic artists will gladly assist you to obtain the best result.

For your corporate projects, we can offer for a fee to send our designers in your premises. They will be taking photos and create graphic montages allowing you to visualize the finished project using PowerPoint presentations and thus support your own corporate presentations. This facilitates the choice of murals and avoids stylistic errors, while providing more accurate submissions.

Muralunique, atmosphere creators.