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Space & Galaxy Wall Murals

Discover our stunning space wallpaper murals of planet Earth, the Moon, galaxies, planets and stars. Whether you’re looking for a space mural for your kid’s room or a mural for teenagers, we have the perfect choice for you.

If you are looking for a specific space image that is not available on our website, contact us and we will be happy to help.

Space wallpaper murals that leave you starry-eyed

Who hasn’t dreamed of exploring the far reaches of the universe? Like Neil Armstrong, take one small step closer to a trip to the moon with one of our space wall murals!

Images of stars, galaxies and planets are fascinating for young and old alike. These are perfect if you’re looking for an original idea to decorate your child’s room or the room of a teenager who dreams of becoming an astronaut.

Our space wallpaper murals can also be used as an educational tool for classrooms or science labs. We offer a commercial service for organizations to personalize your school with our beautiful images of the cosmos.

Galaxy wall murals to fit your living space

One of the greatest advantages of our pre-pasted wallpaper murals is that they can easily be removed and installed over and over again. This means you can continue to enjoy the beauty of the Milky Way even if you move.

We also offer a professional mural installation service to guarantee the perfect fitting of your decorative mural.

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