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Caribbean Collection – Organic

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$129.00 CAD$399.00 CAD

Enter your dimensions to see what cut-out would be possible on the mural selected above.
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-Beautiful image of organic matter on a beach of the Caribbean sea. Exclusive Caribbean Issa & Co collection.

-No need to pay for a frame or have to manipulate your image to fit into a frame. The posters are pre-framed in a “faux frame” that is printed within the image itself. The elegant faux frames are very neutral to blend with the image itself and suit every décor.

-Each poster comes in one piece and is pre-pasted. You simply have to immerse the poster in water (in your bathtub or shower) to activate the paste. You can easily maneuver and place it onto the surface as opposed to a “peel and stick” version.

-The installation instructions will be enclosed with the poster. You can contact us if you have questions.

-A healthy option for your household: ecological, biodegradable, and without any volatile organic components. A smart purchase that you will never have to dust or balance to make it leveled.

-Photograph by Isabelle Charbonneau. Visit for more information.


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Caribbean Collection – Organic

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