A wall mural in a bathroom, is it a good idea?

The answer to this question is quite simple: Yes. Obviously, everything depends on the mural (material) and where you want to install this wall mural in your bathroom…
If you want to install a wall mural in a shower, there are companies that make waterproof murals made for outdoor use. Wallpaper murals, on the other hand, are not an option for the shower.

For any other wall in your bathroom, wallpaper murals are an excellent choice. They are very resistant to moisture, even after many years. A wallpaper mural above a bath? No problem, most wall murals are washable with mild soap. At Muralunique, for example, we have wallpaper murals that have been installed in bathrooms for about 12 years and they are still beautiful and have never taken off.

It is also possible to install a vinyl wall mural in a bathroom. On the other hand, do not forget that the self-adhesive vinyl is not the ideal product. After 1 year, the glue becomes permanent and when you will remove your mural, the wall will be damaged. Better to choose a prepasted wallpaper mural that can be installed and removed easily.

In summary, murals are perfect for bathrooms but it is better to take the time to choose a good quality wallpaper mural, this will avoid many inconvenience.

Here are some examples…