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Summer Sunny Forest

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Wall mural examples from our customers

Mural wallpaper with a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Muralunique is Canada’s leader in wallpaper murals. In business since 2006, we are renowned for the quality of our products and service. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to our customers. Contact us for more details about our products and services.

For a more personal touch, choose custom murals

Do you want a wallpaper mural made from one of your own images or pictures? Our custom mural service allows you to upload your image, enter your dimensions, obtain a custom price and place your order directly online. This is a quick and simple way to add a personal touch to your wallpaper mural.

Easy-to-install products

Have any doubts about the installation because you have never installed wallpaper murals before? No problem! Our murals are prepasted and designed to be easily installed (even by someone who has never installed murals and/or wallpaper before)! For more information, check out our mural installation instructions for more details about installation. If you want a professional to install your mural, please see our installation service section.

Free delivery In Canada and USA

To simplify the buying process for our customers, we pay the shipping costs for Canada and the USA. For other countries, the shipping cost is $60. Please see our shipping policy for details on delivery times and options.

The largest choice of
in-stock murals

In order to offer same-day shipping, Muralunique is the only company in Canada to keep all its wallpaper murals in stock. Depending on your location, you can receive your wallpaper mural in as little as 24 hours. Whether for your home or your business, a quick search by color or a search by size will help you to find the product you want.

Wallpaper murals that are easy to install, remove and reinstall

Why do we only offer paper for our wallpaper murals? Just simply because it’s the best material. We print our wall murals on a unique, high quality paper reinforced with a polyester fiber. We use UV resistant gel ink (laser printing) and the colors stay beautiful and vibrant for at least eight years, while others use liquid inks (Ink Jet) with colors that can fade after only three years.

Our paper has a matte finish, much more realistic than vinyl (which is shinier) for the majority of images. In addition to being easy to install, our wallpaper murals are also very easy to remove and reinstall without damaging your wall.

100% eco-friendly and biodegradable wallpaper murals

-We are the only mural company in Canada that offers ecological products.

-Every tree that is used for the production of our paper is replaced/re-planted with another tree, to assure the sustainability of our forests.

-85% of our paper mural product decomposes like paper in nature.

-Unlike vinyl wallcovering, our product contains no volatile organic compounds (VOC).

-Both vinyl and peel and stick wallcovering will take 5oo years to decompose in our land-fill sites

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