6 Animal Wall Murals Ideas for a Wild Living Space

Does wildlife photography inspire you? Do you have fond memories of a childhood trip to the zoo? Is your secret dream to live far from civilization, alone with the whinnies of wild horses or the sole witness to a foraging family of bears?
An animal wall mural might be just the thing to make your dreams come alive! Check out these 6 ideas for animal wall murals and choose the perfect animal painting, photograph or illustration for your interior.

 Wild horses

Pictured: Herd of Running Horses

Nothing says freedom like the sight of wild horses galloping through an open field. Whether you prefer the photographic perfection of a wall mural featuring a real black stallion, or an artistic rendering of dun-coloured mustangs, Muralunique has a wide selection of animal murals to suit every style.

Jungle family

Pictured: Amazing Planet

The dopamine decor trend focuses on choosing decorative elements that draw on personal memories and images that make you feel happy. Are you wondering how to join in the fun? The smiling faces on an illustrated animal wall mural could bring a real hakuna matata vibe! Soft drawings of jungle animals can also be a cheerful and friendly presence in a young person’s bedroom or playroom.

Charging cheetah

Pictured:  Cheetah running

An animal wall mural featuring a wildlife action shot is perfect if you are looking for a motivational backdrop for a commercial or industrial space, something that will get everyone in the mood to hit the ground running. An image of one of nature’s powerful predators will remind you to get going, or get eaten!

Deer at rest

Pictured: A Feeling of Ancient Times

Animal wall murals aren’t only about action. Since time immemorial, humans have sought comfort and peace in the contemplation of the softer side of nature. Grace your space with a view of peaceful deer grazing in a misted valley, and make it easier to embrace mindful living.

Swimming dolphins

Pictured: Dolphins

While vivid wildlife photographs certainly have their place, it’s possible to make a unique statement with an animal wall mural that suggests the three-dimensional patina of painted brushstrokes. A painting of nature’s wonders does more than inspire, it reminds us of our own connection to natural wonders and celebrates the precious marine life that so urgently needs our protection.
And if you are concerned about protecting the natural environment, remember that our nature wall murals are also eco-friendly!

Grizzly bears

Pictured: Bears & Company

Luckily, animal wall murals make it possible to have a close encounter of the wild kind with all sorts of creatures that would normally pose a real threat. Sometimes it seems like a good idea to get closer to nature, but in the real world, coming this close to a grizzly bear family might be the last thing you do! From the stately pride of wolves, to the furry ferocity of a snow leopard, animal wall murals let you contemplate your favourite wilderness dwellers in complete safety. 
And amateur wildlife photographers, remember that you can always order a custom mural featuring your own work.

At Muralunique, your favourite animals are so close you could reach out and touch them!

At Muralunique, you can find the right animal wall mural for your space, whether you’re looking for cartoon tigers or vivid photographs of polar bears. The choice is yours!

And thanks to our online how-to guide, installing a wall mural was never so easy! We even offer wall mural installation services, depending on your location.

It might be a zoo out there, but in your home, you can choose which animals to encounter every day.

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