​New Trend in Interior Design: A Wallpaper Mural… in your Saircase!

Professionals and companies in interior design are always looking for new ideas and new decor trends for their clients. Here is a new unique and original trend in wallpaper: a mural in your staircase!
Here are 2 examples of wallpaper murals that have been installed in a staircase:

Francois Perras (Beloeil, Québec) with our wall mural “Path of Light”, an exclusive artwork from Gabrielle Charron

Sylvain Gingras (Laval, Québec) with our wall mural “Flower Street”, photo mural

Beautiful, isn’t it? It is a great idea for a unique and exclusive setting for your home! Regarding the installation, our prepasted wallpaper murals are very easy to install, even for someone who never installed wallpaper before. However, for a staircase, the task is a little bit more complicated… so you need to allow more time for the installation (or use the services of a professional). If you have questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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