Custom wall murals…How does it work?

Custom wall murals are becoming more and more popular. We receive questions about this every day. Is it possible to print a custom wallpaper mural from your own photos? Any photo? Here is a little more information about this…

***Thank you to Linda Morin for the nice photo of her wall mural
Print a wall mural made from your own photos… Yes, it is possible but there are several elements to consider. First, you have to look at the quality (resolution) of your photo. If you have a photo taken from a good quality camera, you probably have enough quality. On the other hand, if you have a picture taken from a phone, the quality will probably not be enough. How to know the quality of your photo? Transfer your photo to your computer, right click and see “Properties”. 25 MB is ideal for printing a beautiful wallpaper mural, but your photo probably does not have this quality.

The second element to consider is the size of the mural: do you want a big, medium or small wall mural? If you want a big mural, such as a mural of 15 ‘(4,57m) x 8’ (2,44m), a phone picture will not be enough. If you want a small mural, such as a mural of 6 ‘(1.83m) x 6’ (1.83m), a phone picture might be enough.

The last thing to consider is … the image itself. Uniformly colored, unicoloured images (for example, a cloudless blue sky) are more difficult and will require better quality (resolution). Colorful, nuanced and textured images (for example: a forest or sky full of clouds) are much richer and require lower quality (resolution).

In summary, there are 3 important aspects to consider before printing a custom wall mural:
1- The quality of the photo
2- The size of the mural you want to print
3- The image itself (uniform color or textured image?)

For custom wall murals, this is case by case. The easiest way is to send us your image with the desired size and our graphic designer can tell you if we can print a good quality mural from your photo. Do not hesitate to consult our section “Custom Murals” or CONTACT US for more details.

Marianne, team

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