How to Remove Wallpaper

Market research shows that 9 out of 10 people who have had to remove wallpaper will never use wallpaper again. Yet with some simple steps, there is nothing easier. Here’s how to remove wallpaper, step by step, no matter what type of wallpaper it is.

1-Some wallpapers are dry removable. Do a test by pulling the corner of a strip from the bottom on a 45 degree angle. If it rips into small pieces, go to Step 3.

2-If the wallpaper is a quality vinyl, the vinyl part will be dry removable but the paper backing will stick to the wall. Then jump to step 4 and 5 and then to 8.

3-You must understand that if the wallpaper is not dry removable, we must find a way to reactivate the glue behind it. This is the secret.

4-Before beginning Step 8, cover electrical outlets with duct tape to prevent any infiltration of water and place old towels on the floor near the wall.

5-Fill a bucket of warm water mixed with a little vinegar.

6-Then do a test to see what kind of wallpaper you are dealing with. Moisten a corner section of the wallpaper with a sponge and wait 10 minutes. If the section comes off easily, you have managed to reactivate the glue and can now go to step 8. If it doesn’t come of easily, you are dealing with a waterproof vinyl or coated vinyl. Then go to step 7.

7-With a sandpaper number 40 or 60,the surface to allow the water to penetrate. A quick back and forth sanding motion will be enough.

8-Use a paint roller (with long hair if you have one) and soak it into a bucket of warm water mixed with a little vinegar. Then from the bottom up, liberally apply as much water as possible as if you were painting the wall.

9-Wait 8 to 10 minutes and then try to remove the strip as you did in the first step. If it still rips in small pieces, repeat step 8 and be patient. The glue has probably hardened over several years.

10-In some cases, you may have to use a scraper, but in principle, you should be able to remove the strips almost in one piece.

11-Once the wallpaper is removed, it is important to remove any residual glue (if you intend to repaint or use wallpaper). A little baking soda in hot water will help dilute the glue. In the case of very abundant glue, you will need to use to use a scraper. 

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