5 mural ideas to decorate your apartment walls


Does your apartment lack character? Would you like to personalize it without going through extensive renovations? Installing a decorative mural may just be the solution for you!

Here are 5 mural ideas to decorate and spruce up your apartment walls.

1. Admire the New York City skyline from the comfort of your home

Have you always dreamt of living in the Big Apple? You will definitely enjoy this mural of the Brooklyn Bridge at night while waiting for your dream to come true.

Installing this mural in your apartment will let you admire the beauty of the Manhattan skyline and the famous Brooklyn Bridge day and night. It’s a great way to make your wall into a real window to the world!

2. Enjoy the beauty of nature without leaving the city

If you are a nature lover, you may feel out of your element when looking at your plain and beige apartment walls. Why not personalize your rooms with a decorative natural landscape mural?

For example, the “Coniferous Trees in the Fog” mural  will certainly bring some tranquility to your home.

3. A mural to turn your apartment into a loft

Who hasn’t dreamt of living in a big loft with huge windows and an exposed brick wall, just like in the movies? An old brick wall mural will give your apartment a New York loft vibe.

A brick wall also offers great versatility for your apartment decor. Whether you prefer a rustic look or industrial style decor, this mural is perfect for you

4. A masterpiece in your living room

If you are a lover of fine art, your apartment is probably decorated with posters of paintings and famous pieces. Why not take down these illustrations and turn one of your walls into a real work of art?

For example, a mural of the Mona Lisa, Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpiece, is the perfect way to transform your apartment into a mini museum.

5. Turn your own artwork into decorative murals

Are you an artist? Have you ever thought of making a mural from your own pieces or pictures? You can create your own custom mural from your work.

In addition, these murals are pre-pasted and reusable, so you can decorate the walls of your apartment even if you move!

A one of a kind apartment with Muralunique

These were 5 ideas of decorative murals to liven up your apartment walls. On top of making your home beautiful, decorative murals are easy to install, remove and reuse.

Feeling inspired? Visit our website to see our wall decor murals by categories and find the right one for you!

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