The Best Murals for Medical Clinics & Offices


People usually come to clinics and hospitals because something is wrong with them or a loved one. Medical settings tend to be associated with trying experiences and difficult news, which can lead to anxiety when visiting them. The aesthetics at medical facilities can be austere and intimidating, but something as simple as a piece of artwork or a wallpaper mural can really help brighten the space and alleviate stress.

In this article, the experts at Muralunique explain the benefits of wallpaper murals in medical settings, suggest where to use them and provide some examples for inspiration!

The benefits of wallpaper murals for medical clinics

Art may seem like little more than decoration, but it can have a major impact on patients in medical settings. A study on the use of art in hospitals has shown that art contributes to creating an environment where patients can feel safe. This has a measurable physiological effect on patients, lowering heart rate and blood pressure. Artwork also provides a distraction that diminishes the perception of pain. It can even improve recovery times and reduce a patient’s length of stay.

There’s no question that art is remarkably beneficial in healthcare settings, and wallpaper murals are a big, beautiful way to bring the healing powers of art to your facility!

Wallpaper murals for pediatrics

Medical facilities can be frightening places for children. The setting and equipment can be unfamiliar, procedures may be painful or scary, and depending on their age, they may not understand that everything is being done to help them feel better. Bright, fun wallpaper murals can help distract children and keep them in a positive frame of mind.

Murals that explain

Pictured: Animal Hospital

Wallpaper murals can be used to demystify healthcare for children and put them at ease. Parents and caregivers can point to the animals in this warm, comforting mural to explain that they are getting treated and cared for by medical professionals to help them feel better, just like the child is.

Murals that distract

Pictured: Children’s Tree

Wallpaper murals for children can also be useful as a distraction. If they are in pain or undergoing a frightening procedure, a mural that is full of colour and detail can provide them with something positive to focus on. Kids naturally imitate what they see, so a mural that depicts children having fun can help lift their mood and put a smile on their face.

Wallpaper murals for adults

Children aren’t the only ones who experience anxiety in medical settings. While adults might be better at hiding their unease, stress can still have an impact on patient outcomes. Wallpaper murals are a great way to help patients relax, and they can give healthcare workers a boost too!

The calming effects of nature

Pictured: Passage

It’s widely known that the colour green has a calming effect on humans due to its association with nature. According to the American Psychological Association, simply viewing the vibrant greenery of nature is restorative, both mentally and physically. Particularly if your medical clinic or hospital is in an urban setting, a wallpaper mural that features nature and landscapes can make a real difference for your patients.

Escape to a faraway place

Pictured: Shades of Blue in the Maldives Islands

The mind is a powerful thing. In unpleasant circumstances, our imaginations can whisk us far away to a place where we feel safe and happy. Wallpaper murals can provide patients with a way to escape their current discomfort. They can relax in the sun with a water and beaches mural or explore an exotic locale with a mural that shows the wonders of the world.

Where to use wallpaper murals in medical settings

The lobby

Pictured: Rainforest

The lobby is the first thing most people see when they enter a medical clinic or a hospital. If you make it a welcoming space, you’ll find that patients, visitors and employees are calmer and less stressed.

Waiting rooms

Pictured: Woodland in County Wicklow, Ireland

Waiting rooms can be tense places where anxiety and tempers run high. Something as simple as a peaceful nature mural in the waiting room can help defuse the tension and encourage patience when things are running behind.

Exam rooms and patient rooms

Since exam rooms and patient rooms are the places where patients tend to spend the most time, that is where wallpaper murals are likely to be the most beneficial. You can even put a mural on the ceiling to give patients something to look at while they’re in the dentist’s chair or on the examination table!

Create your own informative wallpaper mural

In addition to all of their other benefits, wallpaper murals can be informative. You can create your own custom mural for a wide variety of uses ranging from teaching kids to brush their teeth to providing directions to different departments in the hallways. Want large-scale anatomical charts to use as visual aids in your interactions with your patients? You can do it with a wallpaper mural!

Create a space for healing with murals from Muralunique

In medical settings, art can help create a reassuring atmosphere, reduce stress and improve patient outcomes. Its simplicity, beauty and benefits make it an obvious choice for medical facilities of all kinds.

Muralunique is a company that provides high-quality wallpaper murals for commercial and industrial use. Our specialties include healthcare centres, medical and dental offices and hospitals. Check out our online store or contact us today for stunning murals that will truly make a difference for your patients!

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