Deco Ideas for Kids Room

12 Decorating Ideas!

12 Wall Decor Ideas for Your Kids Room!

12 Themes for your Kids Room!

You want to decorate your kid’s room but you need some help? Here are 12 themes and over 50 suggestions of murals for your kid’s room (a good idea is to involve your child in the selection of a mural). Remember that the mural is the principal element of your decoration and your choices of colors and accessories depend on the mural. For the complete list of our children murals, please visit the category “Children” on our website.

1-The Room Under the Sea: The murals “Fishies“, “Wonders of the Ocean” and “Dolphins” are perfect for this theme. Use the color blue as an accent to complete the underwater atmosphere. It will also be easier to find accessories like curtains or bedding that will match this theme. You can complete your decor with accessories such as surfboards, an aquarium, shells, and a wooden box for a “treasure chest” or use circular mirrors to look like portholes. Find accessories that compliment the colors in your mural (remember that the mural is the main element of decoration of the room).

Wall murals “Fishies” and “Wonders of the Ocean

2-The Hockey Player’s Room: We have 3 hockey themed murals. The murals “Locker Room“, the mural “Breakaway” and the mural “The Good Old Days“. Our mural “Locker Room” was used by Manon Leblanc on her show on Canal Vie « Ma maison… signée Manon LeBlanc : Maison de Pierre et Mélanie: La chambre de Jérémie ». The mural was placed on the four walls of the room to create an illusion of a real locker room. Match the colors of the furniture with the mural, add some accessories such as a wooden bench and/or a hockey goal and there you go!

Mural “Locker Room” and the Mural “Breakaway

3-The Jungle Themed Room: We have several murals that can create a jungle atmosphere in your kid’s room. Take a look at our mural “Jungle“, “Pandas“, “Tiger Paradise” and “Bird’s Paradise“. These murals will create the illusion of a jungle in your children’s room. Choose accessories that match your mural and maybe add some realistic silk foliage. You could also add vines or even a Tarzan rope!

Wall murals “Jungle” and “Tiger Paradise

4-The Astronaut’s Room: Our murals “Space City” or “Fly to the Moon” are perfect for future astronauts! For children or little older, try the mural “Planet Earth” or even the mural “Orion Nebula“. Remember to include a telescope in the room and maybe some stickers for the ceiling (like moons and stars) that glows in the dark. Make a space mobile or a space shuttle with your child…Use your imagination!

Wall murals “Space City” and “Fly to the Moon

5-The Sports Themed Room: Is your child active in sports? Do you have a room full of your child’s sports equipment? Skateboards, a hockey bag, football and basketball equipment, etc… Although we have several murals for athletes, the mural “Sports Unlimited” is the one for you. In this mural, almost all the sports are here: skateboarding, skiing, basketball, tennis, football, soccer, baseball and hockey. This mural would also be perfect for the teenage athlete. You just need to match the room’s colors with your mural and there you go (the accessories are already there)!

Wall murals “Sports Unlimited” and “Slam Dunk

Other suggestions of sports murals:

American Football mural: “Punt Return

Snowboard mural: “Snowboard

6-A Pink Room for a Princess: Do you want to decorate a bedroom for a princess? We have several murals for this theme: the mural “Mia’s World” (which was created by the artist Johanne Pépin for a little girl called Mia who loves pink), the mural “Pegasus” or the mural “Where is Princess“. You only need to paint the walls in pink and find accessories (dolls and stuffed animals will match perfectly with these murals). Why not include a four-poster bed with a few veils to add a magical touch to this new room!

Wall murals “Mia’s World” and “Pegasus

7-The nursery: You can’t wait to decorate your baby’s room but you don’t know yet the sex of the baby? Or you simply want to keep the surprise for the actual birth. Here is a neutral mural quite original and unique to decorate your baby’s room: “It’s Mine“. This mural is actually a 3′ (91 cm) wide border that can be installed just above the crib. The little sheep will be at the right height for the baby. Other suggestions for decorating your baby’s room? The mural “Bambino” the mural “Bird’s Tree” and the mural “Children’s Tree” are also perfect murals for your baby (boy or girl). Feel free to visit our “Children” section to take a look at our children murals, you will find hundreds of ideas to decorate your nursery.

The wall murals “It’s Mine” and “Bird’s Tree

8-The Captain’s Room: Your child is a little adventurer? What about a pirate theme? Our murals “Pirate Ship“, “Treasure Island” and “Where is the Captain?” are murals for pirate lovers! Try to find a boat-bed, a treasure chest for toys, a black pirate flag and you will be set! Involve your child by helping him or her make a beautiful treasure map that you can display in the room.

Wall murals “Pirate Ship” and “Treasure Island

9-The Educational Room: You want to decorate your child’s room but you would like to find an “educational” decor? The mural “Alphabet” and the mural “Kids World” are beautiful educational murals. The mural “Alphabet” is the alphabet accompanied by an illustration for each letter. This mural is bilingual (example, for the letter “B” there is a baby (baby in English and “bébé” in French)). The mural “Kids World” is an illustrated map of the world for children. This beautiful mural comes from an original painting of the artist Johanne Pépin and is available in English and in French. Your child loves reading? He/she will love our mural “Bookcase“!

The wall murals “Kids World” and “Alphabet

10-The Animal Lover’s Room:
 If your child loves animals and if he/she already has several stuffed animals, frames or posters of animals, look no further. We have an entire section of murals of animals. Have a look at our “Animals” section with your child to find a mural that he/she will love.

Here are some suggestions of murals:

Murals from original artworks of Canadian artists: “Leonard at the Zoo“, “Pet Paradise“, “Amazing Planet“, “Thunder” and “Hoorah“.

Photo murals: “Wild Horses“, “Giraffes“, “Cheetah Running” and “Mommy and the Kids“.

Wall murals “Leonard at the Zoo” and “Pet Paradise

11–The Formula 1 Room: Does your kid love cars? Monster Trucks, Hot Wheels and company? Our murals “Grand Prix“, “Big Wheels“, “Leonard on Board” and “Motocross Extreme Sport” are perfect murals for him. Find him a car-bed and take out the cars, trucks and racetracks and use them as accessories!

Wall murals “Grand Prix” and “Big Wheels

12-Other Ideas for a Themed Room? Why not a Bakery, a Fire Station, a Hair-Salon, a Gas Station, a Veterinarian or a Florist? A trompe l’oeil mural is perfect for decorating your child’s room but it is also a great decorating idea for a play room. The mural “Bakery“, the mural “Fire Station“, the mural “Beauty Salon”, the mural “Service Station“, the mural “Animal Hospital” and the mural “Miss Polka Dots Florist” are unique and original murals that will awaken your children’s sense of creativity.

Wall murals “Animal Hospital” and “Bakery

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