Decorating Tip: The BIN is a magical product for your walls.

Builders, decorators and interior designers should all know this product. The BIN (Zinsser) is a sealer for your walls. What are its advantages and why use it?
First, it dries very quickly. After 1 hour you can already paint your walls or install your wallpaper. Its ultra-adherent formula allows it to close and seal porous surfaces, blocks stains and permanently isolates odors. It also insulates the wood knots and sap flows. Not only can you use it for your walls but also for your ceilings, closets, doors and furniture. The BIN blocks permanently odors and water stains, grease, rust, smoke, graffiti, lipstick, etc … In addition, you can use it on different textures like plasterboard, cement, wood, PVC, fiberglass, etc. …

Regarding interior design, the BIN is an ideal surface for preparing your walls before painting them or before installing your mural or wallpaper. At MuralUnique, we recommend our customers to prepare their wall with a coat of BIN before installing their wall. Not only the wallpaper mural is easier to install but it will also be really easy to remove (in 1 year, 5 years or even 15 years) and the wallpaper mural can even be reused.

You can get the BIN (Sealer B-I-N from Zinsser) in any good hardware store!!!

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