The “wow” effect of the wall mural … it’s much more than wallpaper!

If we look at the technical side, there are several differences between traditional wallpaper and wallpaper murals. Decorators, designers and home design specialists use very often wallpaper murals because they know how they can create a “wow” effect in a room. What interests me particularly is the “exclusive” and “personal” nature of wall murals…

(Melanie Doyon and her family with our “World Map” mural to plan their trip around the world) 
I’ve always been fascinated to discover people’s experiences and see how a wall mural can give life to a room. A small room without windows? A trompe l’oeil mural can make a room look bigger! A boring basement? A texture wall mural (like wood, cement, stone or bricks) or a mural of New York will revive your basement! A dark and boring living room? A forest wall mural will give it light and a calm and peaceful atmosphere! The room of your little one is too simple and “sad”? A colorful and instructive wallpaper mural will stimulate imagination and creativity!

Recently, I was amazed to discover the experience of Mélanie Doyon and her husband Benoit Clement. Melanie has purchased and installed the mural “World Map” to plan their trip around the world. Mélanie told us: “For a full year, we used our wall mural to learn geography and indicate where we wanted to go. We each had color stickers to choose our favorite destinations.” Last time I heard of them, Melanie, Benoît and their two boys were in Vietnam. 🙂 

A wallpaper mural gives life, freshness and personality to a room … and it is a simple and inexpensive way to spruce up your life and your decor!!!

Marianne Cousineau, your wallpaper mural specialist 🙂

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