5 landscape murals to create a more open space


Is your home missing depth and dimension?

Installing a decorative nature mural in your home may be the perfect solution to create the illusion of a more open space and bring more dimension to it.

Here are 5 landscape murals that will completely transform the look of the rooms in your home!

1. A breathtaking view of the mountains of Russia

Is there a more open space than a mountaintop’s panoramic view?

This mural of Deer’s Stream Park in Russia offers a breathtaking view of a magnificent mountainous landscape. This image’s depth will certainly enlarge any room while providing a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

2. Admire the waterfalls of Reunion Island

Would you like to highlight the high ceilings of your condo or apartment? A mural of the waterfalls at Reunion Island could be a good option to consider for your interior decor.

With its vertical lines, this mural will create an illusion of height on the wall you install it on. This illusion will be even more powerful if the wall is facing a window.

3. The depth of a birch forest

Our birch tree forest mural is also an excellent choice to enlarge an interior space.

This mural’s contrasting colours and textures create an impression of infinite perspective that adds a lot of depth to a room.

In addition, like the previous mural, the predominance of vertical lines in this image adds height to a space.

4. Bring the light of an enchanted forest into your home

Another landscape mural that creates a more open space is our “Song of the Forest” mural.

Not only is this magnificent image of an enchanted forest very detailed, but its photo composition is also very appealing.

This mural’s colour contrasts and light effects create a beautiful perspective effect that gives the impression that you are standing in a forest. 

5. A provincial park in your living room

If you want to cover a bigger wall, our mural of Silver Falls State Park in Oregon is the best option for you. This mural offers a breathtaking view of the forest, mountains and waterfalls of western United States.

The perspective in this image is almost unmatched. Each element of the photo brings the gaze back to the center of the picture, amplifying the effect of depth to create a more open space.

Incorporate a landscape into your decor to create spaciousness

You may have noticed that nature and landscape murals can really help you create more open spaces in your home.

Whether you want to give more height or depth to a room, our decorative murals will help you create the effect you are looking for.

Visit our online store to see our full selection of nature and landscape murals!

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