A “Chic Chalet” Basement! (by Nancy Cartier, N. Intérieur Home Staging & Relooking)

A basement is often a refuge with many functions, from office to guest room, by way of game room or home theater. This area can easily become a warehouse for our old furniture, seasonal accessories, in short, the stuff we use least often. Once we have decided to give it a particular vocation, it will then become a coveted room in your home. In this case, the clients wanted to have a comfortable, inviting and warm room to watch movies. The starting point of this project was the mural, it gives a lot of charm and depth to the room. Around this featured component, we added elements that bring to mind the countryside, all in a “chic chalet” ambiance! The result is warm and bright for a room with only a small window! Congratulations to the owners who did all of the work themselves 🙂

Here are a few photos of this gorgeous transformation.

The mural welcomes us as soon as we descend into the basement, it is the highlight of the room!

The drop ceiling was covered with wooden boards, this simple procedure clearly shows the room’s limits.

A small console table behind the sofa lets you enjoy a bite to eat!

A decoration plan is a must for a project like this, it is the starting point for the work and purchases to be done.  It will save you throughout your project!

Nancy Cartier
N. Intérieur Home Staging & Relooking

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