Garage wall murals: 8 inspiring ideas

garage wall murals

In terms of decoration, the garage is a room that is often neglected. We use this space for our cars, but also to organize all the tools that we need for the house and garden. It is difficult to decorate this space, due to all the clutter.

There is a way to transform your garage, which is not too complicated. First of all, a well-organized garage makes all the difference!  You can then find a wall mural that will add some or your personality to your garage.

Here are 8 garage wall mural ideas to inspire you!

1 – Route 66 wall mural

Most people have heard about the famous Route 66 in the United States, also known as the “Main Street of America” or the “Mother Road”. This wall mural has an excellent “trompe l’oeil” effect or feeling of depth. Your garage will seem much larger than it is.  

For more like this, browse our selection of Trompe l’oeil and optical illusion wallpaper murals.

route 66 wall mural

Pictured: Route 66 wall mural

2 – Old Car City wall mural

In this image, you can imagine the old classic cars hidden in the back. It would be the perfect backdrop to your well-organized garage. This nostalgic image also gives you a good sense of depth and is filled with curious details and old tools.

old car city wall mural

Pictured: Old Car City wall mural

3 – Car Blueprint wall mural

This wallpaper mural is a creative idea for a wall in your garage. If you are an engineer, architect or an amateur handyman, this mural is for you!

Car Blueprint wall mural

Pictured: Car Blueprint wall mural

4 – Cross-Country Motorcycle wall mural

This black and white wall mural would be perfect for anyone who loves motocross. It would definitely give some life to a boring wall! Please remember that we can print a custom mural from your photos or images, which you can then display in your garage.

cross country wall mural

Pictured: Cross Country Motorcycle wall mural

5 – Too Old to Drive wall mural

Beautiful wall mural in black and white of an abandoned old car, now surrounded by a hayfield in the country. This selection from our car and road wall murals will give your garage some personality, whether you live in the country or in the middle of town.

too old to drive wall mural

Pictured: Too Old to Drive wall mural

6 – Yellow Cabs in New York wall mural

A wall mural of a classic image of the movement of yellow cabs in New York traffic. For a modern, urban touch, this mural will bring some life to your garage.

Yellow Cabs in New York wall mural

Pictured: Yellow Cabs in New York wall mural

7 – My Old Car wall mural

This wallpaper mural in high resolution is a reproduction of an original painting by Tony Floreani. This wall mural will give both depth and impact to your garage wall.

old car wall mural

Pictured: My Old Car wall mural

8 – Service Station wall mural

If you have kids, they will love this wall mural from the artist Johanne Pepin. This original image will make you smile every time you step into the garage. This high-resolution wall mural is available in French only.

For more like this, browse our selection of children’s wall murals.

Service Station wall mural

Pictured: Service Station wall mural

A large selection of garage wall murals at

No matter which image you choose for your garage, the effect will be impressive! Our pre-pasted wall murals will transform your space and hide the imperfections so often found on garage walls.

Browse our website to find the perfect wall murals for your garage. And also, please do not forget that we can print a custom mural from your images and photos. Visit our custom murals section to upload and crop your own image to your liking and transform it into a wallpaper mural.

If you are looking for a certain image that is not on our website, or if you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help you with your project.

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