4 Victorian Wall Murals for Inspiration

Glenfinnan Viaduct, Scotland 12' x 8' (3,66m x 2,44m)

The Victorian era was characterized by values of strict propriety set against the backdrop of extraordinary opulence. The stunning, bold aesthetic of the period made quite an impression on Western culture, and continues to do so over a century later.

From architecture and furnishings to wall décor, many aspects of Victorian style are still enjoyed today. If you’re looking to add a touch of Victorian luxury to your home, a dramatic accent wall is a great way to do so. Take a look at some of these Victorian wall murals for inspiration!

Damask: a popular Victorian style

Damask 6' x 9' (1,83m x 2,75m)

Pictured: Damask

Damask patterns originated in woven fabric. The pattern was woven directly into the fabric, making it reversible. Since damask fabric was usually handmade using fine materials such as silk and gold thread, it was a luxury reserved for the nobility and the wealthy until the Industrial Revolution.

With the advent of new technology in the 1840s, wallpaper that imitated costly fabrics such as damask could be mass-produced, making it affordable for the middle classes. This resulted in a boom in damask, which is now seen as a quintessential aspect of Victorian interior design. If you want an elegant Victorian accent wall, this damask wall mural is the perfect choice!

Nature-inspired Victorian wall murals

The early Victorian era coincided with the peak of Romanticism, an artistic and literary movement that idealized nature. This is thought to be a reaction to the intense industrialization and urbanization of the Industrial Revolution. Due to Romantic influence, the Victorians cherished images of untouched natural landscapes, charming pastoral scenes and colourful floral motifs.

Picturesque landscapes

Glenfinnan Viaduct, Scotland 12' x 8' (3,66m x 2,44m)

Pictured: Glenfinnan Viaduct, Scotland

The 19th century was the golden age of landscape painting in Europe. The Victorians delighted in unspoiled panoramas that showcased the beauty of the landscape in its natural state. While this stunning wall mural is a photographic representation rather than a painting and includes a manmade construction, the Victorians would have loved it for its depiction of the untamed Scottish Highlands.

The Glenfinnan Viaduct shown in this mural was, in fact, built right at the end of the Victorian era, with work completed in 1901. A great option for a Victorian-inspired natural landscape wallpaper mural!

Floral patterns

Pictured: Pink Flowers with Canvas Texture

Flowers were of the utmost importance in the Victorian era, and not just for aesthetic purposes! The Victorians developed an entire language based on flowers (floriography) so that they could communicate complex messages through bouquets. This gave them the ability to say things that couldn’t be stated openly due to the strict etiquette of the time.

Considering the importance of flowers to the Victorians and the influences of Romanticism, it’s no wonder that wallpaper depicting flowers and foliage was one of the most popular styles of the period!


Chinoiserie 13.5' x 8' (4,11m x 2,44m)

Pictured: Chinoiserie

During the 17th and 18th centuries, Europeans became fascinated by Asian cultures. Increased trade with the East brought an influx of Chinese and Indian goods to European markets. As very few people had first-hand experience with the far-off nations, these items were considered terribly mysterious and exotic. It became fashionable to imitate or evoke Asian motifs in European art and décor, which developed into a trend called chinoiserie.

By the mid-1800s, the British East India Company was the dominant player in East Asian trade, and as the trade grew, so did the popularity of chinoiserie. Common motifs included birds, flora and landscapes, all depicted in a delicate Asian style. If you share the Victorians’ love of oriental-inspired aesthetics, why not opt for a chinoiserie wall mural?

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