What are the home decor trends for 2020?

Thinking about redecorating your living space, but aren’t too familiar with the latest trends in interior design? You’re in luck, we’ve prepared a little guide of decorative elements to watch out for in 2020!

Whether you’re looking for a restrained and elegant style or you prefer bright and bold colours, we have ideas for every taste that will undoubtedly delight your guests.

Mural wallpaper: a trendy decoration in 2020

Wallpaper murals have been growing in popularity for a number of years now and don’t appear to be slowing down any time soon: in 2020, some mural designs are more fashionable than ever. We have selected three particularly popular choices for this year.

Oriental-inspired wallpaper

Oriental-inspired wallpaper murals are currently all the rage. Indeed, Chinese art is making a strong comeback in home decor. Cover a wall in your dining room with a mural featuring cherry blossoms and Eastern spiritual figures to give your room a trendy look.

The rustic style brought to modern tastes

One of the latest home decor trends is combining contemporary furniture with rustic walls, which adds an interesting contrast to the room. Rest assured, you won’t have to spend a fortune changing the material of your walls to achieve this result. An imitation brick wall wallpaper mural will do the trick nicely. All you have to do is add some contemporary furniture and you’re done!

Floral wallpaper is in vogue in 2020!

Floral wallpaper may seem old-fashioned, but it’s quite the opposite. However, some murals are trendier than others: go for one with slightly abstract flower motifs and understated colours. This will help you avoid murals with a more outdated look and turn heads with your modern and daring mural decoration.

Which colours are trending for home decor in 2020?

This year, some colours stand out from the rest. These include hunter green and navy blue, both of which are on every designer’s radar in 2020. Various shades of white are timeless and always popular for the impression of luminosity they offer.

Yellow is also very popular this year, irrespective of the shade. Since it is a fairly intense colour, you should only incorporate it into your room in touches. If you match it well with the other colours in your space, you will achieve a wonderful result.

Finally, if you prefer to opt for slightly more subdued colours, caramel, coffee and pale pink are excellent choices to revitalize your bedroom, living room or even your kitchen.

For more tips on home decor trends in 2020, visit our blog section

The above-mentioned elements are only a fraction of what’s in fashion this year for home decoration. Our blog section features dozens of articles on interior design, so be sure to visit it for more tips on the subject.

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