5 Trippy Psychedelic Wall Mural Ideas

Psychedelic Wall Mural

The psychedelic art movement is rooted in 1960s counterculture. Fuelled by the civil rights movement, the Vietnam war and social issues such as sexuality and women’s rights, people began to reject the establishment and the status quo and adopt alternative lifestyles that celebrated experimentation. This experimentation often included the use of illicit substances, which inspired the vibrant colours and unusual patterns of psychedelic art.

If you would like to augment your décor with a vibrant, anti-establishment aesthetic, a trippy psychedelic wall mural makes a great statement piece! Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Colourful wall murals

Above all else, the psychedelic art movement is known for its stunning, bold colours. Colourful wall murals featuring the era’s most popular dizzying patterns are the perfect way to bring the freedom and transcendence of the psychedelic 60s to your home.

Bright paisley

Pictured: Paisley Pattern

The paisley pattern originated in Persia and came to Britain by way of India. It was popularized in the 60s by the Beatles, who were so enamoured with the print that John Lennon even painted his Rolls-Royce paisley! With its connotations of life, eternity and fertility, it became one of the era’s symbols of free love and rock and roll.

This bright, busy paisley wallpaper mural is a quintessential example of mind-bending 60s style!

Swirls of colour

Pictured: Multi Color Swirl

Art in the 60s was often meant to evoke or enhance consciousness-altering experiences. Typical psychedelic art movement designs often featured abstract swirls of intense colour. The way the spiral on this trippy wallpaper mural draws the eyes in is emblematic of the style of the period.


Pictured: Tie-Dye Fabric

Tie-dye experienced a surge in popularity in the 60s. In addition to being incredibly vibrant and colourful, it was a simple, inexpensive way for people to express their creativity and break away from the strict propriety of the 50s.

Retro wall murals

Pictured: Geometry from the 70s

If you’d like décor that is reminiscent of the psychedelic style of the 60s and 70s but prefer slightly more muted tones, consider this abstract geometric wallpaper mural! It has all the elements of colour and mind-bending patterns without that eye-watering brightness.

Honouring the civil rights movement

Pictured: African Woman Portrait

The 60s weren’t just a time of experimentation and self-expression. They were also an era of liberation, where people began to rise up and fight back against oppressive laws and societal norms. The civil rights movement saw African Americans protest and resist the segregation and institutional racism they were experiencing, and resulted in several landmark legislative changes. This inspirational, passionate portrait wallpaper mural is a beautiful way to commemorate the iconic movement.

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