What is the Best Background for Video Conferencing?

video conference background

Do you feel as if you’ve spent most of the past year on one long video call? You’re not alone.

Video calls are now an integral part of our professional lives. You can connect with employees and clients worldwide at the click of a button!

With these new technologies come new opportunities for creativity. Are you preparing your office for the return of in-person employees? Or perhaps you’ve accepted that your “home office” is now your actual office.

Either way, you need your professional persona to shine through now more than ever.

One great—and fun!—way to do this is by using a personalized background for your video conferences.

But how exactly should you go about choosing and setting up this backdrop? Below we’ll go over our top tips and give you a list of background ideas for your next video call! 

 Setting the scene

When choosing the right video conference backdrop, it’s important to keep a few basic lighting and design concepts in mind. Of course, no one expects you to have award-winning cinematography skills.

But we’ve compiled a few quick tips that go a long way to making you seem professional and polished.

Tip 1: Lighting

Whether you’re at home or in the office boardroom, you should try to choose a space with a lot of natural light. Harsh, overhead lighting can be unflattering and even highlight dark circles under your eyes.

That said, you want the window to be in front of you, so that the light hits your face. If the window is behind you, it will wash you out and distract your interlocutor.

If you don’t have many windows at your disposal, lamps are a fine alternative. Just make sure that you also place them behind your camera.

Tip 2: Desk and camera position

To actually show off your gorgeous backdrop, there should be about 1 to 2.5 metres of space between the back of your chair and the background wall. Place your desk accordingly.

Of course, the farther away you are from the wall, the more its full scope will be visible in the video conference call.

This is where proper camera position comes into play. If you’re at home and don’t want your colleagues or clients to see the pile-up of papers, you can artfully angle your camera to crop distractions out.

Otherwise, you should always position your camera either at eye level or slightly above. Eye level is the most natural placement, but slightly above can create a slimming effect. Either way, only your head and upper body should be in the frame. Use books and props under your camera as necessary.

Tip 3: The right background

Now that you’ve got the basics covered, you can think more about the background itself! Some video conferencing platforms allow you to use digital backgrounds for your calls. These can be fun in theory, but they are often glitchy and distracting, which may come across as unprofessional.

Your best bet is to use your actual surroundings! You can stress a lot less if you know that your office space is camera-ready. Professionally done wall murals are a unique and sophisticated option for video conference backgrounds. Plus, the options are pretty much endless!

If you’re having trouble deciding exactly what image you want to convey to your clients and colleagues, keep reading.

Background types

You’ve probably heard that neutral, understated tones are best for backgrounds. While grey backdrops are certainly a solid option, you shouldn’t be afraid to mix it up a bit.

Of course, your choice of background colour and design will depend on your company’s brand identity. Above all, your environment should be coherent with the image you want to project.

To get your creative wheels turning, we’ve come up with a few background theme ideas:

Theme 1: Wanderlust

Let’s face it: none of us have been travelling much this year. So why not transform your office itself into a postcard-worthy city?

Picture yourself roaming the cobble-stoned streets of Sicily or getting lost in the hustle and bustle of New York.

Travel-based backdrops are perfect for video conferences because of their ability to enchant and inspire. Of course, these designs are busier than monochrome ones, so you may want to balance out the hectic images with soft lighting and minimal décor.

Theme 2: Nature

Did you know that science proves that spending time outside makes us happier? That said, it can be hard to feel one with the mountains, streams and forests when you spend all day at your desk.

Though you can actually get Wifi on top of Mount Everest, something tells us that might be a bit too remote for remote working.

In the meantime, get your daily dose of natural beauty by choosing a serene landscape. It’s hard to feel anxious about your next performance review when you’ve got the waterfalls of Thailand behind you.

Do you want your next video call to absorb the beauty of a forest without the distracting birdsong? Opt for a stunning and peaceful forest backdrop.

Theme 3: Texture

Depending on your company’s particular brand or culture, you might want a more understated look for your video conference calls.

That said, white walls make a pretty uninspiring backdrop. Textured murals are a great option if you want your video call background to be both dynamic and sophisticated.

Weather-worn concrete walls and chic soapstone are great options for industrial office backdrops.

If you want to infuse a bit of rustic charm into your space, consider a statement brick or barn wood wall.

Theme 4: Abstract

Does your industry place a premium on being trendy and cutting-edge? Then your video backgrounds should reflect that! Abstract designs are another great alternative to photo backgrounds.

Want to cultivate a sleek, contemporary atmosphere? Monochromatic cube murals and wave murals are great options.

If you want to channel a 1970s vibe, a retro design will give your video call a bold, nostalgic feel.

Find your perfect video conference backdrop at Muralunique!

Long gone are the days when you could treat video call backgrounds as an afterthought. You can—and should!—use your video backdrops to stand out…and for the right reasons!

At Muralunique, we can help you find the perfect backdrop for your commercial and industrial needs. Our expert designers and artists will use their eagle eye to find the right mural for you.

Even better: you also have the option of designing and ordering a custom mural for your space! Whether you’re looking to renovate your office or liven up your home space, contact us today!

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