5 Zen Wall Murals for a Meditative Space

Forest Bridge Mural

Zen interiors are known for being calm, simple and elegant. Whether you are looking to invite tranquility into your office or clinic, or you want to make some part of your home a special place free from the clutter of modern living, zen wall murals offer a quick and easy way to introduce the time-tested elements of Zen philosophy and art into any room.

Here’s how you can use zen wall murals from Muralunique to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere!

Repeating patterns

Repeating Patterns Mural

Pictured: Karesansui Pattern

Japanese zen gardens, known as karesansui, are composed of simple elements that are carefully arranged to imitate the essence of nature. A zen wall mural featuring neutral-coloured repeating shapes or patterns, such as the swirl of a shell fossil, can introduce the balance of the natural world without the challenge of creating a real zen garden.

It’s all about subtlety and deliberate choices. Create a meditative atmosphere by arranging your furniture and any other elements in the room to flow with your mural.

Japanese Buddha

Japanese Buddha Mural

Pictured: Great Buddha of Kamakura, Japan

The figure of a sitting Buddha is one of the characteristic symbols of calm and self-control, likely due to the fact that Zen Buddhism is now practised by millions of people around the world.

In fact, various types of Buddha statues have become popular ornaments for gardens and windowsills, but have you ever considered the impact of a full, sitting Buddha wall mural? Let yourself be inspired by this powerful image of introspection! Or, embrace the natural, minimalist beauty of nature so important to zen interior design by installing a wall mural of just the cloud-dotted blue sky.

A bridge between humans and nature

Forest Bridge Mural

Pictured: Wooden Foot Bridge in a Japanese Garden

There is nothing more inviting than the view of a well-loved path or bridge leading deeper into the soothing sights and sounds of a forest. In fact, Zen philosophy interprets the image of a bridge as a symbol of the journey between humans and the natural world.

Bridges play an important role in traditional Japanese gardens, and if you are looking to open up a smaller space and create a sense of possibility in a closed room, a zen wall mural that makes it seem possible to step right into natural serenity will make a dramatic difference.

Straight to the source

Zen Sand Garden Mural

Pictured: Zen Sand Garden

Maybe just a pattern isn’t enough to put you in a different frame of mind. In this case, a zen wall mural that directly represents a Japanese temple or rock garden will be the best way to make you forget your everyday concerns.

In this age of high-definition photography and state-of-the-art wall mural printing techniques, Muralunique can guarantee you an authentic Japanese view that will stop you in your tracks every time, whether in a spa, massage studio or meditation room. Follow your heart when choosing the perfect image, and you’ll be well on your way to finding your centre and being your authentic best.

Beautiful bamboo

Bamboo Forest Mural

Pictured: Sagano Bamboo Forest in Kyoto, Japan

Bamboo has long been a symbol of prosperity and success throughout Asia. Zen interiors tend to emphasize natural colours, and the green of bamboo can only bring better things, whether you choose to contemplate a path leading through a tall forest of bamboo trees, or a mesmerizing view of a bamboo forest untouched by man.

To complement your new view, remember to decorate your room with furniture and decorative elements made from natural fibres and materials. Zen interior design is all about coherence.

And if you love bamboo but are committed to a more neutral colour scheme, you may prefer a zen wall mural of slender bamboo trees in the fog, or an image that simply features the repeating pattern of bamboo stems.

Make your space zen with a wall mural from Muralunique

Zen design has become a synonym for calm, balanced living and working spaces. Within the neutral tones and Asian features we immediately associate with this trend, there are a myriad of ways to create variety and personalize your expression of what ‘balance’ means to you.

Whether you crave the consistency of a repeating pattern, the inspiration of a meditating master, or the mystery of a natural bamboo forest, Muralunique can help you get one step closer to enlightenment!

Contact us today to learn how you can install a zen wall mural in your home or office.

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